I think I’m pretty crafty, but painting has never been my strong suit. That said, I really wanted something to go on the white expanse that was over my bed. Not to say that I don’t like my headboard, but there was literally nothing but a big white wall above it!

"The Duvet Cover", as seen on Amazon!

“The Duvet Cover”, as seen on Amazon!

A few months ago, hubby and I got a new duvet cover for our bed (for you American’s, it’s a replaceable cover to go over your comforter – makes it easier to change your look and wash it!) in my favourite colour combination – lime green and turquoise. I thought those would be the perfect colours to do ‘something’ with, and I remembered an old “Trading Spaces” episode when one of the designers (I think it was Laurie Smith) helped the people create a DIY Rothko-inspired painting for their room. It was my first experience with Rothko, and it seemed like a fairly simple design to re-create; plus, I had seen a variation on the same idea on Pinterest not that long ago… (Learn a bit about artist Mark Rothko on Wikipedia.)

The original plan was to get a large white canvas to paint on, but our the owner of our local art supply store (thank you Lexi at DNA!) suggested that, instead, I consider buying three smaller canvases, painting across them, and then hanging them side-by-side. She sold me on it, and I bought the canvases, which then sat by my desk for the next several months, until finally, a few weeks ago, I took up the brush and started painting!


Step 1

Step 1

The first step was to not only tape the three pieces together, but also to tape the edges all the way around. However, as an after thought, I wish I had taped the edges first and then taped them together, as I really wanted it to finish with white edges on each piece. However, paint did run between, and I then had to ‘fix’ them with some white paint at the very end… I also decided not to draw in lines or use tape as I wanted the lines to be rough and un-even, more like Rothko (though this worked against my perfectionist tendencies! LOL!)

Step 2

Step 2

I started with a light turquoise (which I mixed from a blue and a lime green), and began with my largest coloured section…

And then I went on to my second colour, a lime green stripe beneath the light turquoise.

Step 3

Step 3

Unfortunately, I had to stop there for a while as I hunted for the right dark turquoise, which I eventually found at my handy local artist supply store, again! I settled on the Maimeri Acrilico paint in Green Blue, and also picked up the same in White. I loved this paint – it was nice and thick, unlike my Anita’s Acrylic Craft Paint (which I had used for the other colours), and so I was really able to give the painting a good texture – something that was especially important for the thick white bar along the top.

Unfortunately, as I looked at the paintings, I realized it still wasn’t done – it needed something else… I finally settled on an additional olive (you’ll see a touch of olive in the bedding) strip between the white and light turquoise… PERFECT.

Hanging it was a bit of a challenge, of course, and I will likely re-hang the left print again (it’s just a little too close to the centre one!), but here’s the finished product! I’m very pleased with it, and it would seem hubby liked it, too!

Finished work!

Finished work!


DIY Rothko-inspired wall-art

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