Lego Minifigure Display

I love Pinterest, but I tend to spend far more time looking at ideas then actually trying stuff out.

My youngest is a huge Lego fan, and he has lots of minifigures, some of which are very special to him, so when I saw an idea for a DIY display, it went into my MUST-DO list! It took a while to find the time, but in the end, my son was super pleased!


DIY Lego Minifigure Display

To be honest, it was super simple!

I managed to get the frame for free in our local Freecycling group. I took the glass out and then spray painted everything – the frame, the backboard, and even a wood frame spacer that gave this frame some depth – black.

I also obtained a stack of 2×4 black bricks (in this case, I ordered them from Lego. You can order specific individual bricks from their online store, which is great, especially when certain pieces inevitably go missing!)

Placing the bricks was probably the hardest part. Before I did anything, I spread them out on to the board (while in the frame), to get a rough idea of the appropriate spacing. You may want to grab one of your kid’s mini-figures so that you know you’re getting the spacing right.

Once they were approximately spaced, out came a pencil and a ruler to draw lines, so that the pieces were level with each other in the rows. The pencil mark left just enough of a mark for me to see where I should glue them – in this case, I used Kra-Gle (Krazy Glue, anyone?!?! 🙂

In all, the project did take me two-days, but only because I let the pieces sit over night to dry completely, but all together, it really took only about an hour!

To be honest, this can be done with just about any size frame, and in any colour combination. Of course, the number of bricks you use will totally depend on the size of the frame you’re using, and the display design you come up with.


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