We’ve certainly had a very hectic couple of weeks in our house, which included an emergency room visit for my youngest and several stitches in his forehead (let’s just say we hope he’s learned his lesson about skylarking in the kitchen!). That whole event led to me missing a day at my “internship” at the Bermuda National Library’s Adult Services.

I started working there in early August – at first it was two days a week, but now down to one due to scheduling at my regular job, kids, etc. While I have been learning about how they run their circulations by helping out on the desk, checking books in and out, patron assistance, etc., I have also been working on a variety of special projects. The first was to reorganize the entire paperback collection, which is divided into several sections – Romance, Black Authors, Mystery/Sci-Fi, and General. This took several days and included weeding out books that had seen better days. As these books do not have spine tags, they have a tendency to get out of alphabetical order much more quickly.

I have also learned how we process book donations, which actually requires a little more work than you would think, including checking our system to whether we have those titles, and if so, are they the same edition, etc. Once books are approved by the circulation manager, specific details need to be recorded and passed along, with the book, to our “technical” department, who classify and catalogue them.

So far, I’m enjoying my time there and learning lots, even in some of the things that others may consider menial and boring!


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