ILN – the International Librarians Network

Last year, during the Library 2.013 online conference, I learned about a global network of librarians – the International Librarians Network (ILN).

I loved the concept – their goal is to partner librarians at different stages of their career (including students, like me!) to correspond over a set period of time in a peer-mentoring programme.

Of course, I signed up right away, but then had to wait until the next session was ready to start this past September. I have to say I’ve been partnered with a lovely school librarian, Cynthia, in the Mid-West USA, who, like me, became a librarian after a previous career. She’s proven to be a great resource, especially as I work on a pet project – helping to get my oldest son’s school library up and running after being nothing but an empty shell for 4 years (saving that for another day!).

Anyway, the ILN does give some guidance/suggestions on things to talk about between partners, and recently, the topic has been on Libraries and Natural Disasters… BOY, did this one hit home! Especially after my tiny island was hit by two storms – TS Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo – just 5 days apart!

I’m pleased to say that I’ve just written a blog post for their site about my personal experiences and how the Bermuda National Library (their free Wi-Fi, in particular), proved to be a big help to me, as well as many others. I’ll be sure to share the link as soon as it is posted!


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