The 2015 Reading Challenge?

26+BooksSo… I came across this cool reading challenge on Facebook (a page I follow shared it…) from the blog “Bringing Up Burns”. Pretty cool, huh!?! 26 different kinds of books to read, to keep your mind active.

Reading, obviously, is something I enjoy, though I do wish these days that I had a little more time to invest in it. In fact, last summer (during July and August alone), I read more than 20 books (according to my records on GoodReads, it was 21, but I think it was more like 24…) so that led me to an idea….

How many books do you think I could read between now (okay, yesterday – I just started a new book), and the middle of June, when the school year is just about coming to a close. Keep in mind, I will be in school myself, finishing up my last semester of course work towards my MSc… I have an idea for doing a fundraiser for my son’s new school library, but part of it will totally depend on a random number of books – one that is both a challenge for me to read, but not completely out of reach (considering family, school, work, etc.).

So what do you think? How many books do you think I can read between now and just before school lets out? PLEASE, share!!!


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