50-in-5 – Week #4

Apologies, but the last week has been pretty busy, so I’ve not been able to give you an update on where I am with this challenge, BUT, that is not to say that I haven’t been reading!

As of today, I can say I have completed 12 books, totaling 4231 pages!

That includes completing:

Run Baby Run, by Nicky Cruz
The Girl with Dragon Tattoo
, by Steig Larsson
When Mountains Move, by Julie Cantrell
Pillsbury Pizza Night, by Pillsbury
Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks

I have to admit I’m still reading Strategic Human Resource Management, but who wouldn’t put a dry management textbook to the side when you can read books like those listed above!

On the fundraising side, things have slowed down – we’re at $208 – but I am hoping to see some new people either join the challenge or sponsor me, thanks to the official ‘endorsement’ at our last SSMS PTA meeting by our Principal, Dr. Jackson.

We’re really excited about the plans ahead, and providing our students with the tools they need to succeed! GO PANTHERS!


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