Can you guess what I’m researching?

IMG_4509 A lovely box from Amazon arrived today filled with this selection of books… so, can you guess why?


Okay, I’m not quite at the dissertation stage. I’ve just started my last two classes (Research Methods and Fieldwork Placement) for my PGDip, which I should have by June of this year – and successful completion will actually make me a ‘qualified’ librarian, but who would do all that work without going the next step and finishing the full MSc?!?!
In our Research Methods class, besides the obvious learning about different methods for conducting research, one of the most important things we have to do is to write our dissertation proposal – what we want to research and write about 20,000 words on (the proposal alone is about 4,000 words!). In fact, I have to tell my professor before the end of next week what it is I’d like to focus on!

It was a hard decision – I actually had two topics – but after discussions with my professor, I’ve decided to look at developing learner-centered school libraries. That’s broad enough as it is, but I’m going to focus on the resources – collections, technology, etc. – all the things that help promote learning, enhance the curriculum, and help students develop the necessary information literacy skills that is necessary for success at higher learning.

So here it goes! Lots of work ahead of me… lots of reading… and just note that there are still 3 more books that aren’t in that stack, not to mention the stacks of journal articles, papers, and magazine articles that I’ve got downloaded onto my hard drive, as well! It’s enough to make your head spin!


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