A brief update from the Bermuda Book Girl

Gosh, its been a while… but, I’ve been tremendously busy!


My hubby, oldest son and I just after my graduation ceremony.

Firstly, I graduated from Robert Gordon University with my MSc in Library & Information Science (with Merit!) in July last year, and our whole family got to make the trip to Aberdeen, Scotland.

Then, I took this year to continue my education, working to become a qualified teacher by obtaining my PGCE from the University of Sunderland. This included doing my student teaching at Sandys, teaching English in the M1 and M2 classrooms. In addition, I have also been teaching English as a second language privately.

While things did not work out for me to stay at Sandys (they still are without a library, and therefore can’t hire me as their librarian), I have been offered a post at another local school. More details to come in the future – but suffice to say, I should be pretty busy next September…


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